SSL Report:

The websites offering sales online are required to be secure because of vulnerable information which is exchanged between customer’s machine and the servers used by shop. The data which is usually targeted by the criminal offenders usually contain the information such as postal address, credit/debit card details, email addresses and passwords. The statistics show that the majority of online shops are not safe enough and there is a serious chance of the customers’ data being hacked. It does happen quite often and unfortunately the victims only find out about it when it’s too late.

The safety of the personal information of our customers is very important to us. Our website is very secure which is confirmed by the multiple tests by the safety auditors. To make our website safe, our dedicated team introduced a number of safety features such as:

  1. One of the most important and the most common safety feature is the SSL certificates. Our website uses 256-bit SSL Certification. SSL creates a secure link between the website and your browser and encrypts the transmitted information. The 256-bit encryption is currently the strongest SSL available. According to Quality SSL Labs, achieved A+ degree. Our website is resistant to the vulnerabilities currently known such as "BEAST attack", POODDLE and HEARTBET. The full SSL server test is available online.
  2. Our website is PCI Compliant. This means, your card details are safe. The PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance is also available online.
  3. We use a dedicated server to host our website. Some small retailers use a hosting space which is shared with multiple organisations and users. This makes it impossible for them to keep the security features up to date.
  4. Our server and web software is regularly audited and updated to make sure any weak points are eliminated as soon as possible.
  5. The access to the server is restricted to a limited number of people to make sure no unauthorised person is able to make use of sensitive customer information.
  6. The very powerful firewall makes it impossible for the criminals to hack the website.
  7. Our website does not store the most sensitive information such the card details. This data is transmitted directly to the card payment operator’s server. We use Sage Pay to process the payments. To read more about their security features, please visit their website.
  8. Although we do not store the card details, as a business accepting card payments, we are still legally required to maintain the security levels and be PCI DSS compliant. Being PCI compliant is an official confirmation of the website being fully secure.
  9. The access to the customers’ information such as home or email address is limited and restricted. Our staff is able to access only the details which are essential to process your order or deal with your enquiry.
  10. We do not sell or pass any of the customers’ data to call centres, marketing companies or any other third parties.