Taking care of your wooden blinds

You have fitted your brand new blind and they look good. However, like us all, your wooden blinds also need some tender love and attention! In short, from time to time, they need to be cleaned.

However, cleaning your blinds needn't be hard work. Benefit from our experience and take some tips from blinds4me.co.uk. If the blinds look a little dusty, we recommend using a light feather duster to brush it away. Just turn the slats to clean the reverse side. Avoid having to perform a major clean by spending a few minutes light dusting each week.

If you've been remiss and the slats are caked with dust, why not use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. As above, remember to simply tilt the slats to clean each side. Some retailers offer a purpose built cleaning tool which, by cleaning more than one slat at a time, reduces the time spent on cleaning significantly. These tools usually incorporate a sophisticated microfiber fabric which removes dust and dirt, very effectively.

Some customers find that in time, their blinds appear to have lost their lustre. The good news is, you can get that shine back! You will need a piece of microfiber cloth (if you don't have this, don't worry, a clean cotton rag will suffice), a bucket full of warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid and some vinegar.

Whilst the washing up liquid helps remove the dirt, the vinegar will nourish the wood and help restore it to a pristine shine. Just dampen the cloth in the warm water mix and clean both sides of the slats. As before tilting the slats will make the task easier. Also, be sure to clean from top to bottom so your good work is not ruined by drippage!

Caution! When cleaning your blinds, take care not to use abrasive materials and of course, never use strong chemicals such as bleach. Furthermore, whilst a moist cloth will not damage, do not under any circumstances soak or leave your blinds wet. Your blinds are, after all, made of wood and anything that may encourage warping, should be avoided!

Should you have any queries regarding your blind then please give us a call. Our dedicated team will be only too pleased to help!