PageSpeed Score(A) YSlow Score(A)

We know there is nothing more disappointing or frustrating than having difficulties placing your order. No one likes to waste the time finding the info or products they are looking for. We’ve tried to keep our site as simple and user friendly as possible. The products are grouped in a few categories and finding a relevant product cannot be easier. We also tried to keep the formalities to a minimum. Therefore the information necessary to place your order is entered on just one simple page. Select your products, enter your address and fill your payment details. All done in just a few minutes!

In addition to the design of the website there are other factors we’ve tackled to improve the shopping experience. Our IT team monitors the website and updates our software on a regular basis to make sure the website is fast, reliable and the content such as texts or images are displayed as quickly as possible. Our site achieved A score in the performance reports issued by GTmetrix, which indicates that the sites fulfils the most effective solutions currently available PageSpeed Score A (99%) and YSlow Score A (97%).

Another very useful tool which analyses the content of the website is Google PageSpeed Insights. Google is an organization which constantly monitors the performance, content, visits of millions of websites every day. According to Google Insight report, Blinds4me fulfils 87/100 recommendations which have the influence on the site speed when using desktop computers. Google also judges the convenience of the smartphone users as outstanding. The score gained by our website is 100/100.

The site performance grade 94/100 carried out by Pingdom Website Speed Test and A grades achieved in the tests run by also prove the speed and reliability of the website. Furthermore our IT team monitors the website using special software, which alerts the web administrators if the website is not working. The current uptime of the website is 99.99%.

If you would like to share your feedback with us, please contact us. Your opinion is very important for us because it gives us a chance to improve any areas you think need improvement.